Comprehensive Well-being

LovelyLife® Wellness Coaching strengthens your mind and capabilities


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The content and structure of LovelyLife® Wellness Coaching

Basic Elements of Well-being

Our everyday choices and habits create the foundation of well-being. Our coaching consists of four well-being modules:

  • nutrition and weight management
  • exercise and daily activity
  • sleep and recovering
  • leading a fulfilling life

The well-being of body and soul are linked to each other. You can find the balance when you pause and try new things. Our wellness coaching is based on scientific studies and recommendations. 


LovelyLife® Wellness Coaching content

  • personal meeting with you coach and a starting survey
  • online course on well-being
  • nutrition and weight management, exercise and daily activity, sleep and recovering, leading a fulfilling life
  • assignments for 16 weeks
  • hints for starting a lovely life
  • a follow-up table to monitor your proceeding
  • regularly meetings every other week with your personal coach (8 meetings)

This is a unique possibility to start leading a lovely life. The next months may change your life. Start your journey with an open mind and focus on your personal well-being.

LovelyLife® Wellness Coaching helps you to improve your skills regarding your overall well-being

In the hasty everyday life, it is often difficult to evaluate your own actions and choices. Your personal coach helps you to see the things that need change.

Your skills will improve in many areas:

  • you learn to change your routines – how to give up old habits and create something new
  • you learn to pause and listen to yourself and others in order to see the essential
  • you learn how to lead yourself and improve your self-knowledge, interaction and relationships

Benefits of LovelyLife® Wellness Coaching for your organization

LovelyLife® Coach Training

A new beginning for meaningful work

Do you want to feel well and do work in accordance with your values that are relevant to you and the people you meet? In LovelyLife® Coaching it is possible. LovelyLife® Coach Training helps to combine your previous experience with well-being from a new perspective.

The importance of well-being as an enabler of success is understood in an increasing number of work communities. Numerous studies have shown that success and well-being are thoroughly linked.

The need for incentives, both in and outside the workplace, is enormous. When joining in a growing LovelyLife® Wellness Coach Team you get to do rewarding work, travelling side by side, and supporting people and organizations towards well-being and success.

LovelyLife® Coach Training includes

  • Startup and group meetings with your LovelyLife® Coaches and fellow students.

  • Digital learning environmentweekly lectures, additional material, and exercises online.

  • Personal LovelyLife® Wellness Coaching: the 16 week LovelyLife® wellness coaching program, which provides a concrete tool to guide and coach clients.

  • Support of Your own personal LovelyLife® Wellness Coach: Personal meetings with LovelyLife® Coach every 2 weeks (startup meeting + 8 follow-up meetings). Your personal coach will support you on your path to well-being, and with all coaching related questions.

  • Weekly lectures, additional material, and exercises online.

  • Support from a nationwide team of LovelyLife® Wellness Coaches in online discussions, team meetings and one-on-one coachings.

  • Financial and business professional support for the development of your own business.

  • Ready-made structures for well-being lectures and coachings.

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