Made in Internet® is the general public service agreement for the platform users.

Background Information

Made in Internet® is a trademark registered in Finland whose owner is Oy Digital Education Services Finland Ab (2682502-7). The company is based in Finland. Made in Internet® is a license which in this case is given to registered users when they log onto a digital platform. This license authorizes the end user to use the digital platform provided that this use does not harm the reputation or the technical functionality of the service and the use does not violate the law and good manners.

Oy Digital Education Services Finland Ab is the publisher of this agreement. The company reserves the right to change this license agreement and to inform its customers about the changes. To use the Made in Internet® trademark, a permission is required; this permission can be granted by the owner of the trademark.


Digital platforms published under the license Made in Internet® cannot be used for any activities that could be classified as acts of racism, bullying or other forms of discrimination, violence, substance abuse, weapons, terrorism, explosives, the publication of sexual content, political activism and hate speech. The user of the service must adhere to the terms of the agreement. Any activity that violates the rules results in the user´s rights being revoked immediately without a warning. The digital platform and the services related to it will be delivered using the ”As it is” principle, which means that they will be as they are without any customer or user customization or support. Separate support and maintenance can be ordered separately.

Valid services

The Made in Internet® v1.2 User Agreement supports the following websites:

For further information, see


The purpose of the Made in Internet® trademark is a quality agreement regarding the content that will be published aiming at the control of the content and its distribution on the digital platform. The purpose of this platform service is to provide cost effective and affordable IT services for its customers. In the publication of contents, the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license will be used in order to achieve as wide a distribution as possible.

Responsibility for software code

The party who has produced the digital platform will be responsible for the code written for the digital platform in cases where the company itself has written the programming code and published it on the sending platform. Otherwise the digital platform follows the user agreement licenses of subcontractors who act as software providers regarding data protection, service funtionality, information security, the use and storage of data and the flawlessness and accuracy of software.

Responsibility to suppliers of technology

When accepting the Made in Internet® User´s Rights license, the user is aware that it is the suppliers of the system component providers that are responsible for the functionality and terms of delivery of the software and technology they have provided for the producer licensing the digital platform service. The company adheres to the terms of delivery of its subcontractors (1 July 2018), and these terms are available for the customers to use through the Made in Internet® service license.

Responsibility for delivery of services

The producer of the digital platform service and the different parties using the service for their activities are not responsible for the availability and usability of the platform services. The digital platform has no guarantee, and the producers of the service and its users have no statutory liability for any possible defects or errors of the digital platform and their consequences. The digital platform is produced according to the ”As Is” principle, which means that the service is provided for the customers and other users as it is.

GDPR data protection

According to the terms of the Made in Internet® v1.2 agreement, the data that the users publish on the digital platform will be stored there. The provider of the platform service will not follow the users´ activities on other online platforms. The platform stores data on its users when users give information through the service when registering, sending messages and using the services of the digital platform. The persons or companies that use digital media in their activities will be responsible for the treatment of data and will adhere to the safe handling of personal data by accepting this Made in Internet® v1.2 licence.

Change log

25 May 2021: A mention about the storage of data on the digital platform added to the GDPR data protection clause

11 September: The term ”digital platform” substituted for references to any single digital platform. This was done in order to make this agreement a universal one that all service providers can use for their products.

21 February 2020: A mention about hate speech and political activism added to ”Limitations”.

15 April 2019: The Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International version was substituted for the Creative Commons licence. A clarification was made to define/to state that the Creative Commons licence is the Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International version. This was done in order to have a clear policy for the media publications of producers. No changes to end users.

10 May 2018: Licence updated with further, more precise responsibility clauses. No changes to end users.


Made in Internet® v1.2 is the general public service agreement for the platform users.

More information on the licences and technologies used by subcontractors here:

GPL General Public License, Microsoft Azure, Envato, Creative Commons 4.0 , AWS Amazon Web Services ja Apache License, Version 2.0.