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Uranet® for business

Smartkeys enables the instant online services for the educators.

Uranet® is an incredibly powerful digital platform for online coaching and competence assessment. It makes super easy to organize online coaching everywhere with everybody. Uranet® is the only platform, which enables lifetime learning opportunities to your customers, clients or co-workers. No need to buy a system, it is enough for online coaching purposes to set up a service in Uranet®.

The first new thing is the service intelligence, which brings smart features to online education service providers. Intelligent services are easy to unlock with a Smartkey. Maybe you’ve already tried one? Smartkey is a code of 9-18 characters that contains a huge amount of data. Develop intelligent services to your audiences and share them with Smartkeys.

The best thing is still yet to come: intelligent service development does not require any IT-investments. Tools are free for developers.

Intelligent services are super easy to transfer any other selected educator. Once the service is developed, there are no needs to develop a copy for other educator. This means that on intelligent service can be user any organization for education purposes by using Smartkeys.

Intelligent service understand who is the educator who use the service with whom. Smartkeys are educators tools for opening the services. It is up to the service developer, who can educate with the service and where. The only thing to do is order Smartkeys and empower people work with intelligent services.

How to become service developer?

The service developer can be any company, public organization, foundation, or individual user who runs their own business. You can distribute you own services to any organization for teaching and learning purposes. Then feel free to develop as many services as you want.

The services can be easily accessed by subscribing to Smartkeys.

Tools for service development are free.

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The request is valid after submitting 25 service related Smartkeys.

After submitting the request, you will receive confirmation for subscribing 25 Smartkeys.

How to deploy services?

As a service developer, you can share your services to other parties by using Smartkeys. After Smartkeys subscription request, valid Smartkeys will be distributed to the desired email address.

You can easily expand the use of your services with Smartkeys whenever there is a need.

For educators the only requirement to deploy Smartkeys services is the Smartkey developer account.

How to open services? (students)

Teachers can share services to any target group or individual by using Smartkeys.

Distribute Smartkeys to the intended target groups.  Services can be easily opened by using Smartkeys.

Users can obtain the services from the address open.smartkeys.fi and using valid Smartkey.

How to use teacher tools?

As a service developer, you can use the teacher’s account for yourself or your partners. Just order Smartkeys for educators. It includes an extensive reporting tool for teachers.

Login by using the educator account in the address edu.smartkeys.fi